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Allergies and food intolerances are very common among my clients, due to stress, emotional responses, and habitual thinking patterns around their allergen. During the four days of The Switch, more and more people are able to eat gluten and dairy with no symptoms, and people have resolved a wide range of other allergies also.


Your immune system and digestive system work closely together as a powerful army, protecting you from invaders. Occasionally, they make mistakes and start reacting to substances that are not actually harmful, or even attacking your own healthy cells. They do this when your body is stuck in the stress response and doesn’t have enough resources available to run good immunity and digestion, or because of a faulty brain pathway that has formed a negative association about a substance.

How can Empower Therapies help?

The Switch is a four-day training programme in a small group setting. You will learn about how stress causes health problems, how mind and belief patterns can unknowingly exacerbate stress, plus how to calm the stress response to allow your body to start healing naturally. The Switch also helps people to identify the underlying cause of their allergies (the bad association that has been subconsciously made about the substance) and resolve that pattern too. We always have home baking at the course (full of gluten, dairy and everything else). As we move through the course, more people are able to eat and enjoy it! An added bonus of doing The Switch is that you won’t just resolve your allergies – you will have techniques to work on other health issues, emotional patterns or enhance any area of your life. For example, improve your golf swing, do well in job interviews, or reduce your sugar cravings. This is a tool for life. If you don’t feel quite ready to jump into a four-day course, you might like to start with our 2 hour webinar, which gives an overview of mind-body health, the role of stress and thinking patterns, and some basic techniques to start using on yourself. This webinar is a general approach, rather than being specifically about allergies and intolerances. For some people, it’s enough on its own, and for others, it is their inspiration and lead-in to doing the full Switch programme.

Allergy Cure

If you fundamentally have great health, feel calm and happy, and the allergy is your only problem, you may not need a general mind-body course at all. You might like to try the NLP Allergy Cure, which is a 1.5 hour individual session to assist your immune system to correct its mistake of reacting to a substance that is not dangerous to the body. This is achieved through a guided process that takes you into a subconscious state and uses visualisation to gently inform your immune system of the changes that it needs to make. This will only address the allergy – you will not learn techniques for use in other areas of your life. I no longer take new clients for 1-1 sessions, as I focus my attention on group work. You can do an NLP Allergy Cure session with my colleague, Pippa Adamson, who trained in the same school as me.If you contact us, we can arrange this for you.

How can you help yourself?

  • 1

    Get your hope back about recovery being possible by watching some of the movies on this website. Just knowing that there is an answer can help people to relax and calm their stress response and start getting improvements to allergies.

  • 2

    Start actively reducing your stress response by doing things like meditation, breathing exercises, and activities that you find particularly relaxing.

  • 3

    Allergies are often supported by people’s belief that they will happen. If you start actively reassuring yourself that you don’t need to do this response anymore – it is just a faulty message that your immune system has learnt and it can unlearn it – you can start rerouting it.

One of my multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) clients said that she arrived at Day 1 of the course with me and the first thing she noticed was a Glade fragrance bottle on the wall. She knows that she normally vomits when they jet out their fragrance every 15 minutes. She saw it and froze! Then she told herself “Mel says that allergies are just a false brain pathway and I can unlearn it. I’m not going to react. I’m going to unlearn it right now”. So she came into the room, never mentioned the bottle to me, and sat down. She chose to concentrate on the course and the people, and she very quickly forgot the bottle was even there. And… she never once felt even nauseous, let alone vomiting. She hadn’t even learnt the course yet, but she’d already fixed one of her biggest problems by simply making a decision to.

If these very simple suggestions fix your allergies – FANTASTIC! If they are not enough for you, that’s OK. We have far more comprehensive techniques available at The Switch that will allow you to make bigger transformations.

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